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Newcomer Sam Hunt considers his first hit, “Leave the Night On” not only the centerpiece of his debut CD, but also a pretty good reflection of who he is musically.

“That was one of the first ones where I felt like, ‘OK, this could be a direction I could go as an artist’,” he says. “That song just hung around and stayed there, and in the end, when we finished the album, it was a song that we felt like would be a good first single, and it kind of represented all of what I wanted to do and kind of represents the record best in one song. And it’s fun. It’s a good uptempo introduction, I think.”

Producer Zach Crowell recorded the CD in the bedroom of his house in East Nashville, which afforded Sam the luxury of time.

“It allowed us to really dig in, and we’d just go over things over and over,” Sam says. “We weren’t confined to a three-hour slot in a studio. We’ve spent a lot of hours just tweaking and working and coming up with sounds and bringing our buddies in who play guitar and having them play on the record.”

Sam brought in members of his band, as well as some folks who’d never played on record before to help with his first CD. But he confesses there were some contributions he didn’t welcome.

“He’s got this little yappy dog that’s running around the house all the time. We have to stop recording all the time ’cause there’s barks coming in the background,” he laughs.

Sam’s EP X2C is available now, with his full-length CD Montevallo coming out October 27.

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