RCA NashvilleSara Evans prides herself on being very organized and keeping everything in its right place at her Birmingham home. Unfortunately, her daughters don’t always follow their mom’s example.

Sara tells ABC News Radio, “My girls are pretty slobby. I’m on them constantly to keep their room clean. I’m like,  ‘You’re a young woman. I’m not going to let you be just a slob just with clothes everywhere.'”

Though her girls may not appreciate it now, Sara knows her daughters will benefit from these lessons in the long run.

She explains, “I’m like, ‘You will cook for your husband and your family. You will keep a neat home. You will do these things as a woman!’ I mean, why would you not?”

Sara’s husband, Jay Barker, isn’t the most organized guy in the world either.

“He’s a typical guy in the sense that he will leave, and then pretty much every time he leaves, he has to come back and grab something,” Sara says. “I think most men do that.”

For now, Sara is mostly concerned with launching her new album, Slow Me Down. That album comes out next week featuring the hit title track.

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