ABC/Image Group LA As Lady Antebellum continues their Summer Plays On trek with pal Darius Rucker, there’s no denying things have changed drastically since last year’s You Look Good Tour.

Both Dave Haywood and Hillary Scott have new babies. In fact, Hillary has two: twins Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn, who were born in January.

In December, Dave and wife Kelli welcomed daughter Lillie Renee –– she joined older brother Cash, who’ll be four next month. Dave admits it takes a lot more planning to hit the road these days.

“It’s a lot of logistics now with the kids…” he explains. “There’s a lot of, ‘Okay, kids are coming here, kids are flying there, riding on the bus.'”

“But we love the tour bus,” Dave continues. “We’re out there ridin’ through the night, and it’s a lot of…making sure you’ve got everything you need.”

Hillary undoubtedly has the fullest plate of all. In addition to the twins, she’s also mom to big sister Eisele, who turned five in July. For now, the twins are staying home with their dad, Chris Tyrell, who usually tours with Lady A as their drummer.

Hillary says for her, the key is taking it day by day.

“I learned that with my personality, I can make some big future plans, and then once they’re made, I kind of have to take it three to four days at a time,” she laughs, “and then just focus on the immediate, the present. And just know that adrenaline’s always gonna kick in, no matter how jet-lagged you are.” 

Meanwhile, Charles Kelley and wife Cassie are busy keeping up with two-year-old Ward, who’s loving life on the road so far.

This week, Lady A works the West Coast, as their latest single, “Heart Break,” nears country’s top-ten.

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