Capitol NashvilleCarrie Underwood‘s four-year-old Isaiah is on the road with her on the Cry Pretty Tour, along with her ten-month-old Jacob, and her husband Mike Fisher.

While Carrie and Mike often post photos of Isaiah transfixed while watching his mom onstage, she figures the concept of a hit record is probably lost on him.

“He just sees my world, and sees the shows and knows we’re at venues every day…” she told reporters before the number one party for “Southbound” Monday in Nashville. “He knows when I’m on the radio.”

“I know he was in Target not too long ago,” Carrie continues, “And… the wall of TVs? I was on there for some reason. They might have been playing CMT or something. And he’s like, ‘THAT’S MY MOM!'”

“Everybody’s like ‘SHHH! SHHH! Stop!'” she laughs. 

Carrie and co-writers David Garcia and Josh Miller went on to reveal the Queer Eye guys from Netflix are to thank for the “redneck margaritas” mentioned in “Southbound.”

“We had [a] lengthy discussion about the redneck margarita…” Carrie chuckles.

“I think I remember seeing it on an episode of Queer Eye with my now-wife,” Josh continues. “And the guy [in the first episode], the deep Georgia good ole boy, he was drinking redneck margaritas, and it was like Mountain Dew and tequila… And it just rhymed so good with marina.”

The official definition of the “Southbound” “redneck margarita,” however, is a bit more expansive.

“I think it can be tequila and…” Carrie starts, as Josh interject, “Or whiskey or bourbon.”

“Yes,” Carrie agrees. “Or whiskey and lemonade. I’ve seen both.”

Carrie currently opens the Cry Pretty Tour with her latest number one. The trek wraps up on Halloween in Detroit, Michigan.

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