Image Courtesy ABC/Dick Clark ProductionsTaylor Swift‘s cryptic clues are coming faster now, but she still hasn’t revealed any solid information about what she’s teasing. The latest clue, posted on Instagram Thursday, is a screenshot of the Yahoo search engine with “clue #3” typed as the search term.

Earlier this week, Taylor posted to Instagram her “first clue”: a clip of her repeatedly pressing an elevator button for the 18th floor.

She released a second clue on Wednesday. It was a screenshot of her phone featuring her white kitten, Olivia Benson, sitting near an old-school camera on a storage shelf. Above the cat is a drawing of New York City. The clock on the screenshot reads “5:00.”

If Taylor keeps with her schedule of releasing a new album every two years, she is due to release a new project this fall. We’ll keep you posted on Taylor’s next clue.

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