Image Courtesy Taylor Swift via TwitterTaylor Swift is Lena Dunham‘s biggest fan.  The singer took to Twitter on Tuesday to wish the Girls creator a happy 28th birthday, writing,Happy Birthday to my favorite person to have picnics with.. the magical, kind-hearted, wondrous @lenadunham.” 

She illustrated her post with a photo of Lena, and a photo of herself, presumably taken at the same time.  The photos appear to be taken on the rooftop deck of a building — Lena is lying on a quilt with some pillows around her, and Taylor is wrapped up in a quilt, with some pillows near her as well.

Lena and Taylor first connected with one another on Twitter, but they’ve since become fast friends.  Taylor recently told E! News that Lena is her fashion inspiration, because she always tips her off to the hottest blogs and the coolest stores.  Taylor’s friendship with Lena even extends to her boyfriend, Jack Antonoff of fun.: the two wrote the Golden Globe-nominated song “Sweeter than Fiction” together.

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