Big Loud RecordsIf you’re a fan of Breaking Bad, you’ve probably noticed the reference to a “Walter White high” in Chris Lane’s breakthrough hit. But it wasn’t until the number-one party Monday in Nashville that writer Abe Stoklasa revealed the entire idea for “Fix” actually came out of him binge-watching the hit AMC show about a high-school teacher who turns to a life of crime manufacturing and dealing drugs.

Realizing what the reference meant, Chris entertained the idea of reaching out to the man who played Walter White when it came time to make the video for the song. But the relative newcomer figured he didn’t have a shot with respected actor Bryan Cranston.

“I wanted that to happen so bad!” the North Carolina native recalls. “But we were just like, ‘He’s not gonna do it. Let’s not even waste our breath on it!’”

So Chris and his team went with an entirely different scenario for the visual representation of “Fix.” Not too long ago, the Girl Problems singer got an ironic post-script.

“Bryan Cranston tweeted, it was pretty recently, ‘Hey, IAmChrisLane, the next time you sing a song that mentions my name, at least let me be a part of the video.’… Lo and behold, he tweeted that! I’m just like, ‘Well, reshoot?’” Chris laughs.

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