Republic NashvilleThe Band Perry was up for 24 hours straight shooting the video for their latest single, “Chainsaw,” in the Pacific Northwest.

The group’s Reid Perry says, “[It was] one of the longest shoots we did, but it was a great time.”

In the clip, the Perry siblings are on call to chop down the trees where heartbroken people have carved their initials with their former lovers.

“We’re actually musicians by night in the video and, you know, I guess, avengers of unrequited love by day,” Reid explains, “and so we go out, and yeah, we’ll find the trees with the hearts carved in it and take ’em down.”

Lead singer Kimberly Perry is quick to point out they didn’t just go out into the woods and cut down random trees.

She says, “It was also important for us that we cut trees from a lumber yard. So, those trees are literally making houses as we speak.”

“Chainsaw” is the latest single from The Band Perry’s sophomore album, Pioneer.


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