BBR Music GroupIf you’ve never heard Joe Nichols do his version of “Baby Got Back,” you’ll get your chance on July 28.

The concert-favorite is one of twelve tracks on his ninth studio album, Never Gets Old. While Joe’s been delivering his live take on Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s bootylicious 1992 rap hit on stage, this is the first time he’s recorded it, with an assist from comedian Darren Knight.

Fans who pre-order the album now will instantly get both the title track — which is Joe’s new single — and the song “Billy Graham’s Bible.” 

Here’s the complete track listing for Joe Nichols’ Never Gets Old:

“Diamonds Make Babies”
“Girl in the Song”
“We All Carry Something”
“I’d Sing About You”
“Tall Boys”
“Never Gets Old”
“Billy Graham’s Bible”
“So You’re Saying”
“This Side of the River”
“Baby Got Back” (featuring Darren Knight)

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