RhinoIt’s been almost twenty years since we’ve heard new music from the three legends who initially wanted to call themselves the Queenston Trio. Today, Dolly PartonEmmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt release The Complete Trio Collection, which includes both 1987’s Trio and 1999’s Trio II, as well as twenty unreleased and alternate recordings from those sessions.

Dolly says the three knew, from the very beginnings of their vocalizing together in the seventies, that they had to collaborate, even though the odds seemed stacked against it.

“Different management, different labels, different agendas, different everything,” she recalls. “So we thought, ‘Will we ever get to do this?’ But when we would sing together, it would just chill us to the bone… We would say ‘No matter what, we have got to find a way to put this down on record.’”

Acknowledging that there were plenty of bumps in the road, Dolly reveals that in the end, she feels it’s all about the Grammy-winning, million-selling music the three Hall of Famers were finally able to make.

“When we would sing, it’s like, everything else kinda faded away. It’s just like about love,”  Dolly says. “You know, when you say ‘Nothing works, but the love?’… The parents don’t like it, this and that. But it’s like, when we would sing, it’s like that’s all that mattered… When we’d get a chance to get in the studio and then hear back, you know, what was going on — it was just a highlight, just to hear us sing. To me, that’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever done musically, if not the greatest.”

That’s quite a statement, coming from the woman who both wrote Whitney Houston’s smash “I Will Always Love You” and took it to number-one on the country charts twice herself.

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