Yep. You read that 100 percent correctly.

Joining the ranks of such luminaries as Pickle Mountain Dew, Grey Poupon ice cream, and yesterday’s tailgate candy corn is Velveeta’ Mac-And-Cheese Martini.

“As we look to summer, one of life’s greatest pleasures is enjoying summer sips during golden hour,” Kelsey Rice, Velveeta’s senior brand communications manager, stated in announcing the partnership. “We wanted to find a way to elevate this experience for our fans even further, by bringing the rich, creamy goodness of Velveeta to a martini in a unique and unexpected way for the ultimate outrageous pleasure.”

To make this cocktail from hell, you take Velveeta cheese-infused vodka, an olive brine and dry vermouth. Add a few Velveeta-stuffed olives, a couple of jumbo Velveeta cheese shells and BAM! You have…something that shouldn’t probably be drank.


Whatever. It looks gross.