Image Courtesy Sony Music NashvilleThe Swon Brothers have made the leap from finalists on NBC’s The Voice to the top 20 on the country chart with their debut single, “Later On.” It’s taken a lot of hard work to get this point, and the duo’s Zach Swon tells ABC News Radio he wouldn’t have gotten this far if not for his partnership and friendship with brother, Colton Swon.

Says Zach, “We live together, we’re on a bus together, we fly in planes together, but I think it makes us better. ‘Cause I wouldn’t want to do this, nor do I think I would succeed as a solo artist, and I think he feels the same way.”

While it’s easy for Colton and Zach to focus on the daily demands of getting their country career off the ground, they make a point to maintain their relationship as brothers and best friends, too.

Colton explains, “We’re running a business together, but you’ve also got to take time just to be brothers, like, out on the road. Laugh, enjoy it. And just take time doing brother stuff, you know, making fun of each other. Playing video games.”

Zach and Colton spend a lot of time just talking on their tour bus when they’re not playing the game Catch Phrase with their band members. 

Zach says, “We’re pretty tame. It’s not really a party bus, or anything.

Colton adds with a laugh,” And by tame, he means lame. We are lame. We like to sleep.”

Look for The Swon Brothers’ self-titled debut album to come out October 14.

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