Triple Tigers

Originally, Scotty McCreery‘s “This Is It” was simply a song he wrote to play for his longtime girlfriend, Gabi Dugal, after he proposed.

This week, Scotty’s engagement song becomes his second number one, several months after he tied the knot with Gabi last June in their native North Carolina.

“It’s been incredible,” Scotty says of the song’s journey. “I think one of the things that this song has done is kind of invited folks into our lives.”

“And especially the music video,” he continues, “that was kind of our way to invite everybody to the wedding, without inviting everybody to the wedding. I only had about two hundred spots for friends and family.”

The “This Is It” music video features footage from Scotty and Gabi’s wedding last summer.  To hear the American Idol winner talk, you get the impression there are many more songs to come about his wife.

“I love talking about Gabi,” Scotty smiles, “I love singing about Gabi, and she’s my best friend and I wrote this song for her, and the fact that I get to share that with everybody is wonderful.”

“This Is It” is the second number one from Scotty’s chart-topping album, Seasons Change. The first, “Five More Minutes,” is now closing in on double platinum certification.

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