Big Machine RecordsTim McGraw just released “Shotgun Rider” as the follow up to his top five hit, “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” with Faith Hill. Both songs are included on Tim’s upcoming album, Sundown Heaven Town, along with 16 other tracks on the deluxe edition.

While he’s usually very hands-on in the process of choosing singles, Tim is so confident in the songs on the new album he’s letting his record label pick which songs go to radio.

He says, “From one to 18, you could go with any song you want as a single in any order you want, and I don’t care. I just really don’t care. Any one of them, I think — I would be happy to put any song out as a single.”

That philosophy has served Tim well since his career is still going strong two decades after he broke through with his 1994 album, Not a Moment Too Soon.

Tim explains, “The song’s the most important. God, there’s some people at the 7-11 that can sing circles around me. It’s about the song.”

Tim’s new album, Sundown Heaven Town, comes out September 16.

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