Image Courtesy Sony Music NashvilleTyler Farr‘s life is moving in overdrive these days due to his crazy touring and recording schedule. He took some time out Wednesday to take a breath and celebrate his second consecutive #1 hit, “Whiskey in My Water,” at a party at the BMI Building in Nashville.

Tyler describes having back-to-back chart-toppers as “pretty surreal.” He says, “I haven’t really had time to soak it in. It usually happens at these #1 parties where we actually have a chance to hug it out with some guy friends, people, like, ‘Man, this is crazy,’ and it really sinks in.”

These days, Tyler is either playing music onstage opening up Jason Aldean‘s Burn It Down tour or in the studio working on his upcoming sophomore album.

“My life is pretty much on the road and all that it consists of is music, and that’s alright for now,” Tyler says. “We’re just taking it day-by-day, and as long as they’re paying to come to shows, I’ll keep playing ’em.”

Just a year ago, Tyler was climbing the charts with his first #1 hit, “Redneck Crazy,” and he hadn’t graduated to traveling in a tour bus just yet.

He recalls, “It was a year ago that we were riding around in an Econoline and a U-Haul trailer. So, things are good, and we’ve been very blessed.”

Tyler debuted his brand-new single, “A Guy Walks into a Bar” on the Grand Ole Opry Tuesday night. It’s the lead single from Tyler’s as-yet-untitled sophomore album, due out in the coming months.

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