‘Tis the season to try and figure out what to get for Cousin Abby, who you only see exactly one time of year.

When in doubt, Reddit has a thread of what users are calling “underrated Christmas gifts,” meaning stuff that isn’t the sexiest gift, but the person receiving it may just love it.

  • Extra phone chargers/wire organizers
  • Nice sheets/towels
  • A premium streaming subscription
  • Restaurant gift cards to LOCAL places (i.e. no Applebee’s. Except for maybe my friend Matt. I don’t know if he knows other restaurants exist.)
  • Grocery/gas gift cards.
  • Comfy pajamas
  • Toilet paper (The user stated it was a White Elephant deal and the pack was a 124-pack. I can see that being much appreciated.)
  • One-time vehicle detail or landscaping service
  • Quality coffee
  • Socks