Capitol NashvilleCarrie Underwood sports elaborate pink-and-purple “glitter tears” on the cover of both her Cry Pretty album, and in the video for the title track.

Now, in the new music video for the record’s second single, “Love Wins,” Carrie’s fancy eye makeup is back. This time, Carrie wears mask-like splotches of electric blue and yellow around her eyes, matching the multi-colored powder that permeates the air in the second section of the video.

The clip mirrors the message of unity in “Love Wins,” starting with Carrie performing in bright sunlight, as strangers join hands to march together across a bridge.

“This song is hopeful,” Carrie says. “It’s saying no matter who you are, what you feel, what you think, we’re all human beings. We all deserve love. We all deserve respect and we all should try to show that to one another.”

You can watch the full “Love Wins” video on YouTube now.

The full Cry Pretty album arrives on Friday, with Carrie doing multiple media appearances to promote the record. Thursday night, she’ll be on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, before starting the day Friday on NBC’s Today show.

This weekend, look for Carrie on CBS Sunday Morning, ahead of her Wednesday stop by The Ellen DeGeneres Show. On Thursday, September 20, her star will be unveiled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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