EMI Nashville If you’re a paying member of Eric Church’s Church Choir, you’ll automatically get a copy of his new album, Desperate Man, delivered to your door by the album’s release date, October 5.

It probably won’t happen exactly like it does in the new video for the record’s first single, “Desperate Man,” however. In the clip, Eric embarks on a high-stakes, high-flying adventure to press the LP, aided by his co-writer, Texas music legend Ray Wylie Hubbard.

The Chief even has a little fun at his record company’s expense in the video, as agents try — but ultimately fail — to shut his operation down. The iconic jackets they wear don’t say FBI on the back, though, they say EMI, the name of Eric’s label.

You can check out the “Desperate Man” video on YouTube. It’s now widely available, after being exclusive to Amazon Music for the first two days.

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