Atlantic/Warner Music NashvilleThe “One That Got Away” takes Michael Ray on a romantic, impromptu jaunt around South Beach in the new music video for his latest hit.

Even though Michael himself is a Florida native, he was eager to embrace a part of the Sunshine State he didn’t know quite so well.

“We wanted to treat Miami as its own character in this video,” he says, “because we felt that this city really had a personality and an energy of its own — reminiscent of the energy I feel on stage night-after-night, city-after-city when we play this song live.”

For authenticity, the director cast lots of locals in the video, and shot Michael as he was taking in the sites for the first time.

“I…wanted to get outside of my comfort zone,” he reveals. “So, we flew down to Miami and what you see in this video was really us — experiencing all these things together, really just being in the moment.” 

“One That Got Away” was co-written by Old Dominion’s Matthew Ramsey and Trevor Rosen. This fall, Michael’s opening OD’s Happy Endings World Tour.

You can check out the “One That Got Away” video on YouTube now.

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