Riley County Police arrested a woman in Manhattan Wednesday after she is alleged to have attempted to drive off with a vehicle parked at the west side Taco Bell.

36-year-old Andrea Freeman was taken into custody after 7 p.m. Wednesday outside of the Taco Bell on Westport. She’s been charged with two counts of theft of property as well as obstruction and criminal trespassing. The car was ultimately returned to the owner.

Still from video posted by Amanthis O’Connor

Police officials say the car’s owner was inside the restaurant when she found Freeman attempting to drive off with the vehicle. A video on social media shows what appears to be a Taco Bell employee crouching on the hood of the vehicle to obstruct their view, with posts indicating the owner was an employee. Police arrived on scene and created a perimeter at the exit points for the Taco Bell. Freeman is alleged to have locked herself inside before being removed after attempts to convince her to exit willingly failed.

Freeman remains confined to the Riley County Jail on a $6,000 bond.