Mercury NashvilleBilly Currington learned the title of his hit song, “People Are Crazy,” applies to folks all over the world during a recent trip to Thailand. Billy headed to Bangkok on the recommendation of a friend a few weeks back.

He tells ABC News Radio, “They’re a good crazy, but man, that’s a crazy city. That’s like New York on steroids.”

Taking in the sights and sounds of the city proved to be an enlightening experience for Billy, who grew up in south Georgia.

“Everybody’s really the same in so many ways. I did learn that,” Billy explains, “but there’s a lot to be learned from people that didn’t grow up just like you did and live in the same country as you did.”

There were some points on the trip when Billy wasn’t sure he’d make it back home alive. To get around the city, Billy and his companions rode in tooks, which are go-cart-like vehicles used as taxis in Bangkok.

Billy says with a laugh, “You always think that you’re gonna die any minute while you’re riding down the street in that city.”

Billy is now safe and sound back in the U.S. Check out to see where’s he’s performing next.

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