MCA NashvilleDavid Nail admits he’s way behind on his movie watching, but he will be pulling for the Tom Hanks film Captain Phillips to win Best Picture at the Oscars Sunday night. His wife, Catherine, was watching the movie at home one day when David walked in on a very intense scene.

He tells ABC News Radio, “It was right when they’d taken over the ship. It was all this screaming and yelling. It was so super-intense. I just kind of just stopped what I was doing and watched for 35 minutes.”

David’s admiration for Captain Phillips only grew when he heard about Barkhad Abdi, who moved from Somalia to the U.S. and then landed a starring role as a Somali pirate in an open audition.

Says David, “I saw a story about the guy that’s up for Best Supporting Actor and his story about coming over from Somalia, so that’s the one I’m rooting for the most.”

The Oscars broadcast live Sunday night on ABC. David’s new album, I’m a Fire, lands in stores Tuesday.

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