Image Courtesy Mercury NashvilleYou won’t see Billy Currington joining the growing list of country stars with their own shoe lines. In fact, you’ll rarely see Billy wear any shoes at all. He’s been going barefoot since his childhood just outside Savannah, Georgia. Unless it actually wintertime, Billy won’t put shoes on for anyone.

Billy says with a laugh, “I’ve definitely been some places in the past few years barefoot, where they’re like, ‘Hey man, you got some shoes or you’re not coming in.’ So, I just don’t go in.”

He even goes shoeless when he’s exercising.

“I’ve been running barefoot for so long, not all the time, but probably half the time, you know, eight, 10 miles,” Billy explains, “and so my feet, they’re used to it.”

Billy is performing barefoot all over the country this summer. His tour dates are posted at

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