Image Courtesy Sony Music/Blue ChairKenny Chesney‘s new album, The Big Revival, is due out September 23 featuring his latest single, “American Kids.” His pal Grace Potter makes a guest appearance on the project along with Alison Krauss and Dan Tyminski. Kenny took the summer off the road to make sure he got the new album right, and the title, The Big Revival, points to the renewed passion Kenny feels for his music.

He says, “After all this time, if I can’t push myself and give the fans something that inspires them, that gets them pumped up, there’s no reason to just make a record to make a record.”

While Kenny kept an eye on country radio while making The Big Revival, he made sure his new songs would relate to his fans’ everyday lives.

“There’s so much more to country than trucks, creek beds and cut-offs,” Kenny says with a laugh. “That stuff is fun, but when you look at how people really dig in and work, the things they face every day, you wanna remind ’em how hardcore they really are, show ’em that and also show ’em that you know there’s more to ’em than people might think.”

The music video for “American Kids” is now posted on Vevo.


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