EMI NashvilleEric Paslay made sure to buy his self-titled debut album at a Walmart in Nashville the day it came out, but he didn’t just go through the self-checkout line. He wanted to see if the girl working the register would recognize him on the CD cover.

“I walked up. I don’t know, I maybe bought some creamer or something with it,” Eric says. “And the girl checks it out, and she looks at the record and she kinda looked at me and looked at the record and put it in the bag.”

Eric couldn’t let this moment go by without her recognizing him, so he started engaging her in conversation about the album.

Eric explains, “I said, ‘I’ve been probably been waiting over 10 years for that record to come out.’ She goes, ‘Wow, 10 years? How did you know that?’ I said, ‘Well, it’s my record.'”

Eric admits he was milking the whole situation at that point, but having a real-live recording artist in the Walmart seemed to impressed the checkout girl.

Eric adds, “She definitely pulled open the record and called over every Walmart assistant over to check it out and ask if it was really me. But it was kinda fun.”

Eric’s self-titled debut album features his first #1 hit, “Friday Night.”

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