Kacey Musgraves via InstagramUnlike most artists, Kacey Musgraves rarely has to say goodbye to her boyfriend since he’s also a member of  her band. Kacey and her beau, Misa Arragia, came together as musical partners before things turned romantic.

Kacey tells ABC News Radio, “We were friends for a couple years at least before seeing each other in that kind of light. It just so happens that we are really inspired by the same things.”

Kacey relies on Misa for a lot of creative ideas as well as moral support as her star continues to rise.

“He really helps me keep my vision true to what it was in the beginning before anything really took off,” Kacey explains, “and I think there’s really something to be said for that.”

While Kacey loves having Misa on the road with her, they do need their alone time just like any other couple.

She adds, “We have our moments. You know, ‘Get out of my face! We’re stuck on a tour bus together!’ But it’s really cool.”

Kacey heads to Winnipeg Wednesday night as an opening act on Lady Antebellum‘s Take Me Downtown tour. Kip Moore is also on the bill.

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