This is, once again, one of those “National ____ Day” things I can get behind. Because it’s food related.

First things first: apparently there is a difference between hot chocolate and hot cocoa. Hot chocolate is known as drinking chocolate and is made from semi- or bittersweet chocolate, with added extras thrown in. Hot cocoa is what we normally drink, since it’s cocoa powder. I mean, we’re all still going to call it “hot chocolate” no matter what, but just an FYI. Annoy your friends with an “Actually, it’s…” rant.

Now, on to the hot chocolate hacks from Real Simple. We’re going to make you click the link to get the recipes.

  1. Frozen Hot Chocolate Milkshake
  2. Broiled Marshmallow Hot Chocolate
  3. Mocha Cinnamon Hot Chocolate
  4. Pumpkin White Chocolate
  5. Hot Chocolate Eggnog
  6. Red Velvet Hot Chocolate
  7. Chai Spiced Hot Chocolate
  8. Mint Chocolate Affogato
  9. Spicy Hot Chocolate
  10. Peanut Butter Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

There’s a few more on Real Simple, as well. That Peanut Butter Marshmallow Hot Chocolate sounds DIVINE.