photo courtesy Beach Museum

There’s a new exciting exhibit at the Beach Museum of Art in Manhattan. The must-see installation opens to the public today. Visitors can explore ancient art of India through a captivating, immersive multimedia installation. Museum Curator Aileen June Wang explains:

      0927 Wang Beach Museum 1

The Project’s Producer Rosey Guthrie and Director David Lebrun aligned and sequenced high-resolution photographs of sculptures from Southern India.

      0927 Lebrun Beach Museum 1

The development and interrelationship of artistic symbols and themes from ancient cultures is displayed by use of intricate animation, and enhanced by music. Wang says the experience is unlike a typical museum visit.

      0927 Wang Beach Museum 2

The project features images of ancient statues, dating back to the 9th century. Lebrun says, “It’s like a magical museum where the objects come to life in the dark.”  

      0927 Lebrun Beach Museum 2

He says both young children and adults are mesmerized by the exhibit. Reanimating Ancient Art of India runs through May 27, 2023. For more information and museum hours, go to: