Riley County commissioners and the appraisal office honored the late Greg McHenry during Monday’s meeting.
Commission Chair Greg McKinley presented appraisal office staff a plaque to honor McKinley.  Appraisal Analyst Allen Todd then gave a few words in recognition of McHenry’s time in Riley County, including comments from several staff members.
      Allen Todd 1

Todd says McHenry went to great lengths to explain to and educate the community about the appraisal process.  McHenry developed a video titled “Who are Appraisers” on social media, which has been viewed and purchased by over 130 jurisdictions nationwide.
      Allen Todd 2


Todd says McHenry’s towering presence was always inspiring in the office.
      Allen Todd 3

Todd says McHenry will forever have a lasting impact in the community due to his leadership.  McHenry would tell staff that the work needs to get done, but family always comes first.  Todd says he would always remember the names of family members and asked how they were doing by name.
      Allen Todd 4

McHenry passed away earlier this month after his battle with cancer.  He served in Riley County for over 30 years, holding the county appraiser position for 15.

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