Image Courtesy Curb RecordsLee Brice recorded his new album, I Don’t Dance, over the past two years, which was a very eventful period of time for the country star. On top of scoring three #1 hits from his last album, 2012’s Hard 2 Love, Lee also tied the knot with wife Sara in 2013. The couple welcomed their second child together, Ryker, earlier this year, and those life events found their way onto Lee’s new album.

The title track, “I Don’t Dance,” was written for Lee and Sara’s first dance at their wedding reception, and another track on the album, “Always the Only One,” was written as a love song for Sara, too. Lee is anxious for fans to dig in and really learn more about him while listening to these new songs.

He tells ABC News Radio, “I like people to know where I’m at in my life. I think people want to know that stuff. They want to know you.”

Lee spent a lot of time in the studio experimenting with new sounds trying to capture what he heard in his head. That process was neither easy nor quick for him.

“We started out with some tracks that weren’t quite right yet, you know,” Lee says. “And I knew it. We just ended up working through them and changing them. I mean, we went around the block a bunch.”

After getting over that initial hump, Lee really zoned in on what works for him in the studio.

He explains, “I found out some methods that just kind of worked my way — fell into [them]. They just kind of changed the way I recorded music. So, I was able to push a little bit and be me, you know?”

I Don’t Dance also features Lee’s brand-new single “Drinking Class.”

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