CurbWhen fans hear Lee Brice‘s new album, I Don’t Dance, this September, they can rest assured that all the songs have been kid-approved. While recording the album, Lee often ran the new music past his five-year-old son, Takoda.

“Sarah doesn’t even know,” Lee tells ABC News Radio of playing songs for his and wife Sara’s son. “I’ll pick him up from school, and I go, ‘Hey, you wanna hear a new song?’ He’ll go, ‘Yeah! Yeah!'”

Takoda doesn’t come right out and say what he thinks about the songs, but Lee has a way of figuring out his son’s opinion.

“I usually know if he says, ‘Play that one again,’ that he likes it,” Lee explains, “or if he doesn’t ask me to play it again, then I’m like, ‘OK, let me rethink this one a little bit.'”

The lead single from Lee’s new album, “I Don’t Dance,” is now climbing the country chart. The full-length release comes out September 9.

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