Shock InkWillie Nelson‘s private Luck, Texas ranch was heavily damaged when tornado-force winds ripped through the spread last week. According to a post on Willie’s Facebook page, the bank and post office were destroyed, and the World Headquarters in Luck was “holding on by a splinter.” Several photos of the damage were posted on Willie’s page, too.

The post continues, “Some towns got it a lot worse, so we ain’t complaining. Luck is a tough town. It can be rebuilt.”

Willie built the town of Luck on his ranch outside Austin, Texas in the 1980s for the set to his film Red Headed Stranger. He kept it standing after filming and has hosted the Heartbreaker Banquet there during South by Southwest since 2012.

Of note, Willie’s new album, Band of Brothers, is now in stores featuring nine original songs and five other songs, including a cover of Vince Gill‘s “Whenever You Come Around.”

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