Columbia NashvilleIn the new track from her forthcoming album, GIRLMaren Morris compares a relationship facing challenges to a house weathering storms.  According to Maren, just as a sturdy house can withstand bad weather, so can a strong relationship make it through any hard times.

“When the bones are good/The rest don’t matter/Yeah the paint could peel/The glass could shatter/Let it rain/ ‘Cause you and I remain the same,” she sings in “The Bones.”

“When there ain’t a crack in the foundation/Baby I know any storm we’re facing/Will blow right over while we stay put/The house don’t fall when the bones are good.”

Maren wrote the song with the same team behind her first number one, “I Could Use a Love Song.”

The Texas native helped craft all fourteen tunes on her sophomore album, including writing “All My Favorite People” and “Great Ones” with her husband Ryan Hurd.

Just as in “The Bones,” Ryan’s also alluded to his relationship with Maren in his own tracks, “Diamonds or Twine” and “To a T.”

You can stream or download “The Bones” now, and you can check out its lyric video on YouTube as well. The full GIRL album arrives March 8.

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