Volunteers carried donated supplies for Manhattan High School’s Life Skills Program 08/17/2023
Special Ed Dept Head Jamie Schnee, 2023 MHS Graduate Logan Brooks, Teachers Vicki Newton and Amy Knudson
The Life Skills Program at Manhattan High School received a huge donation from a recent graduate Thursday evening. Logan Brooks, 18, chose his alma mater as the recipient of a project he’s doing toward his Eagle Scout.
More than 20 scouts from Troop 284 helped bring the supplies into the school, which included laundry soap, cleaning wipes, granola bars, tissues, and more. Brooks says he found a list of needed supplies and his mother asked for donations at work. His parents helped him collect donations from the community on Saturdays.
Special education teacher and department head, Jamie Schnee describes the program.
      0817 Schnee 2

Schnee says the staff often spend their own pay to have supplies for the program, but they are set for a while now. She and other teachers are already thinking of other job skills the new supplies can offer for the program. They are considering supply request forms, stock room operations, and retail-store job skills.
It took Brooks about a month to collect: 7 bags of cereal, 2,207 packages of ramen noodles, 4,356 granola bars, 336 tubs of cleaning wipes, 441 boxes of facial tissues, liquid fabric softener for 150 loads, laundry soap for 6,834 loads, and $1,860 cash. Schnee says they were trying to figure out how to help provide school supplies for students in need. They will use some of the cash donations to help those students.
Brooks’ mom, Erin, says, “Also, we collected several smiles, conversations, and joy from this project. We had a front row seat to watch community members and other generous people donate to take care of the local students.”