No Stone Unturned will be holding their 14th annual Wildcats for No Stone Unturned fundraiser.

Kelly Keogh, Executive Director, tells KMAN that No Stone Unturned is a therapeutic learning center that meets the needs and changes lives of children of their families who are battling intellectual disabilities of all ranges. She talks more about the center.

“A foundation and pediatric therapeutic learning center for children with all types of challenges or special needs or disabilities,” Keogh says. “So, we have a collaborative care approach to the therapies that we do, which makes us very unique, but also really a haven for families looking for solutions for their children.”

Nancy Evangelidis, board member and a mother of a two children who utilize the services at No Stone Unturned, says this organization is one that kept her family in the Manhattan area.

“It’s a huge relief because all you want to do is help your child and you just feel time is of the essence and you feel frustrated and feel like you’re not doing enough,” Evangelidis says. “Every day is a challenge. Regardless of where you are on that path, it is a difficult one.”

No Stone Unturned is a nonprofit organization that raises most of their money through their annual fundraiser: Wildcats for No Stone Unturned. Keogh talks more about how this event started.

“We were founded by Eric and Melinda Wolford and Eric was a K-State football player back in the 90s,” Keogh continues. “When they decided that they wanted to start a foundation, they said, ‘Well who do we have to go to, how do we do this?’ and Eric said, you know, I’m going to call my former teammates and we’re going to have a reunion. He called them up and said guys bring your check books, we are going to play golf, we’re going to have dinner, and we’re going to start a foundation.”

She adds they continue to grow each year and last year over 400 guests and 50 former football players attended the event. The event features two days of golf and a gala. Board member, Nancy Evangelidis talks more about the gala.

“We have a silent and live auction. We have rare trips and nice bottles of bourbon is what we had last year. We have a nice dinner. We also feature a family from the center and really highlight the importance of what we do no matter how little or how small, those accomplishments are huge to that family.”

Evangelidis adds that nobody understands that perspective until you live it, but being able to share the perspective during their fundraiser event allows others to understand the importance of No Stone Unturned and their services. She says this organization has changed her life.

“What it means for me and this community is an opportunity to help them reach their best potential.”

Wildcats for No Stone Unturned is set for July 8 and 9. Golf will take place both days at the Manhattan Country Club and the gala will be the evening of the 8 at the Hilton.

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