Image Courtesy PedigreeIt’s no secret Miranda Lambert‘s other great passion besides music is her love for animals. Not only has she rescued and fostered close to 30 dogs herself, she’s also helped revamp the local shelter in her hometown of Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

And when it comes time to get her rescue dogs adopted, she confesses she gets a little “psycho about it.” Not long ago, she dropped by an adoption event for about 30 puppies, and ended up staying five hours.

“I couldn’t stop.  I was like, standing outside the door of the Walmart, you know, holding black labs, like, ‘Come on! You know you need a dog!’ I have no pride, no shame.  I will hawk a dog all day long,” she laughs.

Miranda was particularly motivated to help two labs who’d been at the shelter for a whole year.

“Hansel and Gretel… had been there the year before at the same event as puppies… and they were sister and brother, so they couldn’t be separated, and it’s hard to get rid of two huge, black dogs. Nobody wants two.”

So when a man with a little boy showed some interest in the two, Miranda was determined to help them put their best foot forward. “I kept trying to walk ’em around. I kept telling ’em, ‘Get down! Act calm! You’re gonna get adopted! Be calm!’ You know, ’cause they were jumping around.”

In the end, Miranda’s long day in the Walmart parking lot paid off.

“He didn’t even say, ‘I’m taking ’em home,’  or anything. He just pulls out the money and hands it to us. And we just start cheering and bawling. I look over and my dad’s bawling. I’m like, ‘This is a huge moment!’  That’s so rewarding when a match is made like that, and those babies went home. “

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