Image Courtesy PedigreeMiranda Lambert shares the story of her animal shelter in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, in a new short film from Pedigree. The pet food company has been donating food to Miranda’s shelter for many years now, and they also have chipped in to help clean and paint the facility and construct agility courses for the dogs.

Miranda says, “I started supporting this shelter to ensure every dog in my hometown would have a safe place to stay and enough food to fill their bellies. And, Pedigree has helped me deliver on both those promises.”

Since moving to Tishomingo, Miranda has personally rescued and fostered about 30 dogs. People in the area know where she and husband Blake Shelton live, so stray dogs tend to show up around their driveway all the time. One of those dogs, a hound dog named Moses, stayed with Miranda before going over to live with her friend, Sara, for a few weeks. Moses then found his forever home.

“[Sara’s] dad drove 29 hours from Oregon to pick him up and took him home,” Miranda says with a laugh. “So, he now lives in Oregon. I was like, ‘That is a long drive for a hound dog!'”

Miranda gets a big thrill out of seeing dogs like Moses get a second chance. She says, “They thought they were doomed for good, and then they’re like, ‘Oh, I got a new life.'”

To join Miranda and Pedigree in providing food to shelter dogs, go to Pedigree’s Facebook page and share your dog story today.

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