Mark Peterson/Food Network MagazineTrisha Yearwood wears two hats: as a Grammy-winning singer and an Emmy-winning host of her own cooking show, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, on the Food Network. Now, she’s opening up about her double life in the new issue of Food Network Magazine.

When it comes to her singing career, Trisha has always called her own shots. She says, “I learned early on to not let somebody else tell me what songs to record, how to dress, what to say. When I look back on my career, whatever choices I’ve made have been my choices.”

As for her second job as a cooking show host, Trisha has learned it’s best not to shoot in her own kitchen.

She explains, “We shoot 12-hour days with a 30-person crew — you need personal space. We use a house down the road with a big kitchen, so I can come home and just be home.”

For more on Trisha’s dual roles as a singer and cooking show host, pick up the July/August music issue of Food Network Magazine.

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