Image Courtesy ABCOn Wednesday’s Nashville, Rayna Jaymes and Luke Wheeler struggled to settle on a wedding date to their demanding tour schedules. Luke wanted to go ahead with a date just a month away, but Rayna was concerned her daughter Maddie wasn’t ready to accept Luke just yet. Maddie has been getting to know her biological father, Deacon Claybourne, and isn’t happy Rayna is marrying Luke over her father.

Rayna came up with the idea to combine her tour with Luke’s so they could spend more time together. Time will tell if the superstar couple makes it down the aisle, though.

Juliette Barnes went on concealing her pregnancy after finding out the baby actually belongs to her ex-boyfriend, Avery Barkley. Juliette was sitting in her car outside Avery’s house getting ready to tell him the news when he stumbled up drunk with a random girl. Instead of telling Avery or her manager, Juliette ended up on Rayna’s front porch asking for advice at the end of the episode.

Gunnar Scott and Scarlett O’Conner’s undeniable chemistry continued to annoy Gunnar’s girlfriend, Zoey. Now she’s got even more competition for Gunnar’s attention with his first love, Kylie, showing up in Nashville. Even though he pledged his love to Zoey, Gunnar couldn’t help but head to the café where Kylie works to see her. Look for this situation to play out in the coming weeks.

Will Lexington and Layla Grant’s marriage continued to fray as she used his homosexuality as leverage to advance her own singing career. When Will couldn’t land Layla a spot on Luke Wheeler’s tour, she ended up going to record label executive Jeff Fordham‘s house with an ultimatum. If Jeff didn’t give her a record deal, she’d out Will, who is the hottest new act on Jeff’s label. For his part, Will is growing even more frustrated hiding his sexuality and begins a secret affair with his male trainer, Tony.

Will and Layla managed to keep it together to perform a duet on this week’s show, titled “If Your Heart Can Handle It.” You could cut the tension between them with a knife during the performance, and Aubrey Peeples, who plays Layla, tells ABC News Radio to expect the couple’s story to play out through music.

She says of her character, “In any kind of challenge, you find out a lot about yourself and figure out how you deal with tough situations. It’s gonna reflect itself in her music. She’s gonna be fighting for this career of hers, and I think the music that Layla gets to do is really exciting, and I really like it.”

Singing pop-country on Nashville has allowed Aubrey to grow as a singer, too.

“I am a blues singer, and I love old country,” she says. “I listen to a lot of that, and then getting to do pop-country is something that I don’t really do in my regular life, but that I’ve been so honored to get to explore another genre of music on the show.”

“If Your Heart Can Handle It” is now available for download at iTunes. Nashville returns with an all-new episode next Wednesday night at 10 ET on ABC.

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