Systems continue to be tested at the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, with commissioning making progress, according to officials.
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NBAF Deputy Director Dr. Ken Burton shared those comments with KMAN this week, noting some of the rigorous testing occurring behind the scenes to ensure the $1.25 billion animal and zoonotic disease laboratory is functioning safely and securely.
Burton says commissioning agents and the construction contractor take all of the individual systems and have them function together in synchronization. One key piece being tested, is how the systems react to things like a high wind event.
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He explains the importance of such testing for not just the facility, but also the surrounding community.

      0901-Burton criticality of systems working together

Initially, NBAF had said it expected commissioning to wrap up by the end of summer, though Burton now says they expect to finish sometime before the end of the year.
After commissioning is complete, the USDA will enter into an “endurance period” for 60 days which involves more tests. In preparation, NBAF Security Director Tony Losito says he’s got a Project Lead working with all others within the facility to ensure when securities responses are being tested that everything is working properly. He says that includes everything internally.
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NBAF officials shared these updates and more on KMAN’s In Focus. NBAF regularly appears on the first Thursday of each month.