This is therapy I can definitely get behind.

A U.S. Army vet has gone viral for his company, Meat Therapy BBQ, based out of Texas. Jason Wilson started what would become his current enterprise three years ago.

“When I got out of the military, I  was not who I wanted to be,” Wilson said in an interview with “Cooking was my drive and motivation to find ‘normalcy.’ I continued to cook, and when I wanted to be around people, it was my way of connecting by serving them food. So quite literally barbecuing became part of my therapy.”

Wilson said that serving BBQ helped him reconnect with the world and decided three years ago to start “Meat Therapy” on Instagram and other social media along with his wife, Jaclyn. On weekends, the Wilsons host what Jason calls “therapy sessions,” which are what he terms his BBQ classes.

“Barbecue is the healthy self-medication that I needed,” Wilson said to “Barbecue releases a chemical dopamine dump for me when I watch the first bites of those tasting my food and see their smiles. Thinking big picture, I wasn’t a barbecue pro but needed something to focus my attention on. It could have totally sucked but I wasn’t afraid to try. I encourage everyone to try something new and see where it goes because it might actually just work and, in turn, help you and others.”

His Instagram account has not only pics of his cooking, but also ingredient lists and recipes.