RCPD Cpt Josh Kyle at his 12/30/2022 retirement celebration
The Riley County Police Department celebrated Captain Josh Kyle Friday, with a couple hundred of his closest friends. Kyle followed his father’s and grandfather’s paths. He is now retired after serving the community for 31 years. County Commissioner and Law Board member John Ford spoke to KMAN about Kyle’s service to the community.
      1230 Ford re Kyle

Ford agreed that the community would benefit when asked if Kyle should run for a political office.

      1230 Ford re Kyle for office

Kyle, who was a finalist for the RCPD director position earlier this year tells KMAN he is not interested in pursuing public office at this time, but will instead seek opportunities in the private sector.

      1230 Kyle re an office run

Kyle has been a regular guest of KMAN’s In Focus. As he closes out this chapter of his career, he shared a message to the community.

      1230 Retired Kyle

Kyle began his career in law enforcement in 1991, working his way up from police officer to lieutenant and eventually to a position in administration.