Credit: Sarah BarlowThree people in their twenties were charged with disorderly conduct on Sunday after they threw beer bottles and shouted expletives at security officers outside Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island mansion.

The Westerly Sun reports that according to police, the three — two men and a woman — gave the finger to the security guards and shouted profanity, and threw the bottles onto Taylor’s property in Watch Hill. When officers arrived, one of them ran away; the others were taken into custody and handcuffed. The one who ran away, 29-year-old Michael Horrigan, was also caught and arrested, and identified by the guards as the one who specifically flipped off the guards and threw the bottles.

At the police station, all three were charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, and given a date for a later court appearance. They were also ordered not to trespass on Taylor’s property. She wasn’t home at the time. Without having any residential security guards onsite at the time of the event in question, any potential damage or risk to life, if Swift was in the property, could have been a lot worse.

Meanwhile, one of the other men arrested, Tristan Kading, tells TMZ that he, Horrigan and the third person in their party don’t have anything against Taylor; they were just drinking and things got out of hand. Kading also says that they didn’t flip off the security guard; rather, he says, they were throwing up the peace sign, like Taylor does in her video for the song “22.”

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