Riley County Office Building (KMAN file photo)

Riley County Counselor Clancy Holeman presented a consent order Monday to the Commission regarding a fine of $1,750, for violation of the Clean Water Act at the University Park Wastewater Treatment Plant. Holeman reiterated it’s only regarding the fine, not the project being discussed to remedy the violation.

University Park resident James Slaymaker thanked the county lawyers and Public Works staff for the effort put forth to lower the fine, which started at $100,000. The fine will not be paid by the County, but by the district. 

However, Slaymaker said the residents make funds available to Riley County to manage the facility and responsibly disburse the money. He questioned why it appears that the county has not provided quality oversight of the contractor.

      08152022 Slaymaker Univ Park EPA fine

Slaymaker says there are other culpable parties in this violation.

      08152022 Slaymaker Univ Park other culpable parties

The Commission agreed that there have been violations at least back to 2015; and KDHE continued to renew the permit to operate while attempting to address the violations. Nobody is sure how the EPA was notified. The Commissioners agreed with Slaymaker, and said they want to get in compliance with the Clean Water Act at the University Park Facility, and all facilities in the County. They agree that something has to change to prevent future violations. Public Works Director John Ellerman believes the current facility cannot be brought into compliance. Discussions have already begun to replace the facility in some fashion.