Man Breaks World Pull-Up Record!



A Texas man has broken the world record for number of pull-ups within 24 hours.54-year-old Mark Jordan broke the previous record of 4,210, and finished his own set at 4,321. Guinness affirmed the new record Wednesday.He says, “My mission … is to let everybody know that it’s never too late to start to make a difference as far as improving and optimizing your health.”Jordan trained for a year for his record-setting feat. He raised money for the Hammons Education Leadership program that helps expose at-risk youth to a variety of careers.

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Woman Finds Bananas Infested With Deadly Brazilian Wandering Spider

A UK woman was about to hand her daughter a banana when she noticed something out of the ordinary, it was covered with a spider web with a cocoon attached to it housing hundreds of baby spiders. With a little bit of research, she discovered that the spiders were the very lethal Brazilian Wandering Spiders. So instead of burning the house down (which is what we would’ve done) she placed the infested banana in an airtight container and placed the container in the freezer.

I still think the house should just be burned for good measure, but to read the full story and even see pictures if you really really want to see something shiver-inducing today, click here.

This Day In History – March 12


Janet Reno was sworn in as the first female U.S. attorney general.


A photo by Marmaduke Wetherell of the Loch Ness monster was confirmed to be a hoax.

The photo was taken of a toy submarine with a head and neck attached.


U.S. homeland security chief Tom Ridge unveiled a color-coded system for terror warnings. 

File:Hsas-chart with header.svg

Photo – United States Department of Homeland Security

 Where are we now, orange or red? Or just blue with a chance of yellow? Green would be nice!


In Utah, Elizabeth Smart was reunited with her family nine months after she was kidnapped from her home.

She was abducted on June 5, 2002, by a drifter that had previously worked at the Smart home.

and then lastly…


It was announced that the Sear Tower in Chicago, IL, would be renamed Willis Tower.

 -Tyler Jackson

Miranda Lambert “Little Red Wagon” Video

Miranda Lambert turn s up the heat in her new music video for “Little Red Wagon”!



This Day In History – March 11


U.S. Steel was formed when industrialist J.P. Morgan purchased Carnegie Steel Corp.

This made Andrew Carnegie the world’s richest man.


Popsicle announced its plan to end the traditional twin-stick frozen treat for a one-stick model.

Whew! It wasn’t as disastrous as one would think! 


Janet Reno won unanimous Senate confirmation to be the first female U.S. Attorney General.


Former Beatle Paul McCartney was knighted Sir Paul by Queen Elizabeth II!

Here’s my favorite Sir Paul song:


Two columns of light were pointed skyward from ground zero in New York as a temporary memorial to the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

and then lastly…


Japan was hit by a powerful earthquake, which then triggered a deadly 23 foot tsunami!

Over 15,000 people were killed.

-Tyler Jackson