This Day In History – September 12


U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy married Jacqueline Lee Bouvier!

More than 800 people came to the church, and three thousand rushed a police barrier to catch a glimpse of the happy couple.


Michael Jordan signed a seven-year contract to play basketball with the Chicago Bulls!


Johnny Cash died of complications from diabetes in Nashville.

This powerful video was definitely his eulogy


Hong Kong Disneyland opened to the public!

and then lastly…


The 9/11 Memorial Museum opened to the public in New York City.

So sad. Rest in peace to the nearly 3,000 lives lost on that day. 

-Tyler Jackson


Army dad not allowed in school dressed in fatigues, because it may be “offensive”

This is one of the most ridiculous stories I’ve ever read.

An Army Lieutenant Colonel in Michigan wasn’t allowed into his daughter’s high school because the uniform he was wearing “may offend other students”

Lieutenant Colonel Sherwood Baker, a 24 year veteran of the US Army,was turned away from Rochester Adams High School when he went to discuss his daughter’s class schedule. He was told he would have to go home and change his clothes before he was allowed in the building.

Rochester superintendent Robert Shaner, who is also a veteran, has apologized to the family. He said, “The district has apologized for any perception that individuals in uniform are not welcome in the school.The district does not have a policy excluding individuals in uniform and will be working with administration and the firm that handles our security to make sure district policies are understood and communicated accurately.”

The Baker family does have a meeting scheduled with the principal of Adams high school in the near future.


Lieutenant Colonel Sherwood Baker (pictured with his wife and children) was turned away from Rochester Adams high school by a security guard because his army clothing may 'offend another student'

-Tyler Jackson

Should this kid be allowed to use this as his senior picture?!

A high school senior from Schenectady, New York had a master plan for his senior portrait — to include his cat, Mr. Bigglesworth. Do you think he should be allowed to keep this photo?

I say YES! YES! YES! What a fantastic picture! So far the school district says no. Read more about it here!

-Tyler Jackson

Bacon shake, anyone?

Who wants some bacon?! Yes please! Who wants some Jim Beam?! Double yes please! How about add some caramel & vanilla ice cream to it as well? Umm….

Red Robin, the casual-dining burger joint, has announced their brand new milkshake called the Beam-N-Bacon Boozy Shake! Doesn’t that just sound delicious?! Read more about it here

XXX RED-ROBIN-bacon-shake-1156

200-foot long bratwurst, anyone?!

In honor of their town turning 200 years old, the city of Belleville, Illinois has decided to celebrate their age in feet…of bratwurst! If you’re a fan of bratwursts, you’ve gotta check this story out here!

Garth Brooks Finally Offering His Music Digitally

Garth Brooks finally bit the bullet and made his music available on a digital platform, GhostTune, which is being touted as the “first artist-friendly digital platform” since artists have control over exactly how their music is made available.

You can read all about it here.

This Day In History – September 10


British police arrest George Smith for drunken driving.

It was the world’s first DWI


Canada declared war on Germany. 

Thanks Canada, ‘ppreciate ya bro, but, we got this.

Signed, America


Gunsmoke premiered, with Jim Arness starring as lawman Matt Dillon.

Set in my hometown of Dodge City, Kansas, Gunsmoke lasted for 20 seasons, becoming the fourth longest-running prime-time show on TV in the process. Fantastic show!


Will Smith made his debut in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

One of my favorite shows of all-time! Well done!


President Clinton met with members of his cabinet to apologize, ask forgiveness and promise to improve as a person in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Whatever, Bill. Thanks for looking us all in the face and straight up lying to us. It showed your true character. ‘ppreciate ya, bro!

Signed, America

-Tyler Jackson

This Day In History – September 9


California became the 31st state to join the Union!

Happy birthday you crazy, giant sized, large economy, highly regulated, gorgeous state! 


Elvis Presley’s first ever appearance on Ed Sullivan’s Show!

54,000,000 viewers, or 82.6 percent of the U.S. television audience, tuned into CBS.

21-year-old Elvis wowed the audience of fans and screaming girls by singing Dont Be Cruel and Ready Teddy. 

He got paid $50,000 for appearing – that’s more than The Beatles go paid (Or anyone else did, for that matter).

Fun Fact: Ed Sullivan was actually ill, so actor Charles Laughton filled in!


Debra Dene Barnes, also know as Miss Kansas, was crowned the 40th Miss America!

A versatile and accomplished pianist, Debbie won the Miss America title playing the Oscar-winning song Born Free in four variations.

Today, she is a veteran piano instructor at Missouri Southern State University

and then lastly…


Happy 7th wedding anniversary to Joe Nichols! 

Joe married Heather Singleton in Savannah, Georgia.

Congrats to them!

-Tyler Jackson

Fifty Shades of Grey lingerie! Would you buy it?

Hey ladies! I know we’re 157 long days away from the release of the the Fifty Shades Of Gray movie, but, if you wanna get your Anastasia-on, you now can!

British Retailer Tesco has announced that they will be offering a Fifty Shades of Grey inspired lingerie line!  

The 50 Shades of Grey lingerie collection launches in Tesco this month

The line has 35 pieces for women and eight for men and will be released this month.

Women and men of all sizes will be embraced and the goal is to make someone feel both confident and comfortable.

Get your lingerie here!

In the meantime, ladies, enjoy this:

-Tyler & Megan