Bachelor in Paradise – Epsiode 5/Tuesday August 26th recap!

Last night’s episode of ABC’s Bachelor In Paradise was the series’ fifth episode, and the second episode this week.

Bachelor In Paradise is an elimination-style dating game featuring past contestants of both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Anyway, about last’s night episode:

So Monday’s night’s episode ended with a TO BE CONTINUED: Is Graham going to accept a rose from AshLee? AshLee had been running her mouth, so he was turned off, yada-yada-yada…

Well, he accepted, and thankfully, they knocked this out in the first three minutes of the show. That meant, however, that two guys had to leave, so Marquel and Kalon went home.

In this episode, it was the guys turn to give out roses.

There’s three, or essentially half of the couples, solidly falling in love with their soulmates:

-Lacy and Marcus are probably the closest of all couples

-Graham and AshLee are content

- Robert and Sarah are content as well – and they finally kissed (She had been complaining)

-Zack and Claire had been an item for most of the season, but Claire wanted to know more from Zack, and what he wanted, but after three days of being together, Zack wasn’t sure of what the future held – so Claire freaked out and went home!

With Claire leaving, that meant only one girl had to eliminated.

How Bachelor In Paradise works is, each week there’s always an uneven number of guys vs. girls, so people can be eliminated. Since the end-game isn’t getting to two people left standing, they bring in fresh people every week. This week, two new girls come onto the show – Christy and Lucy

As each new contestant comes onto the show, they have a “date card” to take a person on a private date to catch-up, if you will. Well, Christy and Lucy came on one at a time, and they both picked Jesse for a date! Uh-oh! Drama!

Jesse, being the natural playboy he is, hooked up with both Christy and Lucy, so he had a tough choice in the end.

So who was the second girl to get eliminated?

After Claire left, Zach decided to shout a holla to Jackie, so he picked her, which left Christy and Lucy as the final two remaining



In the end, Jesse picks Christy with the final rose, and Lucy gets sent home.


By the way, a quick update about Cody Sattler, the Oakley, Kansas native and K-State grad. He’s still on the show and he’s fastly falling in love with Michelle…A little faster than she’s liking him. On previews for next week’s episode, it looks like that will be on the forefront of the evening. Should be good! Check it out next Monday, September 1, at 8/7c, on ABC.

-Tyler “I’ve OFFICIALLY lost my man-card after this blog” Jackson

This Day In History – August 26


Harry Houdini jumped off a bridge into San Francisco Bay with his hands handcuffed and a 75-pound ball and chain attached for good measure…

He swam to the surface — minus the ball, chain and handcuffs — about two minutes later.

Of course he did! ‘merica! Houdini!


John Denver recorded Thank God I’m a Country Boy at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles.

Great song!

Everytime I hear this song, it reminds me of:


The number one song was “Sailing” by Christopher Cross.

The track won a Grammy for both record and song of the year. You can’t be in a bad mood after you listening to this!!

and this lastly…



The 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution went into effect! The amendment prohibited discrimination on the basis of sex in the voting booth.

Ever since 1973 – August 26th is Women’s Equality Day.

You go, girls!

-Tyler Jackson

They got bit by what, in Florida?!

We all know Florida is plain crazy – you can bit by all sorts of wild creatures down there! Snakes, spiders, bears, panthers, zombies, meth heads, alligators, and apparently now – crocodiles! For today’s #WTFlorida story, this is why you don’t go swimming just anywhere random in Florida. Find out what happened here!

The Latest Wedding Craze? “Sponsored” Weddings!


One couple is selling corporate sponsorships to fund their dream wedding.The Orlando, Florida, couple are getting married in Thailand this December, and are hoping to raise roughly $30,000 from various companies in exchange for having their logos sewn onto the bride’s dress and the groom’s tuxedo, and featured on the couple’s various social media platforms.They will have a Thai garden wedding featuring an elephant – and yes, even the elephant will bear advertising space: A company can pay to have its logo printed on a ‘Just Married’ canvas carried by the animal. They plan to spend 11 days in Bangkok and Phuket, where they will enjoy activities such as scuba diving, elephant trekking and bamboo river rafting.They also plan to use the money they raise to donate to their favorite charities, such as the Boys and Girls Club and Big Brother, Big Sister.  Sponsorships that include mentions on the couple’s wedding website and various ceremony signage cost between $500 and $5,000, while larger packages – such as one that offers placement on the bride’s wedding dress and honeymoon bikini – say ‘Contact for pricing.’

This Day In History – August 25


Happy 75th anniversary to The Wizard of Oz!

The classic MGM film opened around the United States. Go Kansas!


George Jones joined the Grand Ole Opry for the first time!

Great song!

In my opinion, a young George Jones looks a lot like Jim Carrey!


Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Florida.

Of course, she would then move off to the Northeast, and we all know happened from there

and then lastly…

One year ago!


In a moment that was discussed for weeks and weeks afterward, Miley Cyrus twerked through a provocative performance alongside Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn, New York.

That tongue! So nasty…

-Tyler Jackson

He’s the man who ended the “pay it forward” line at Starbucks

Most of you are familiar with the “pay it forward” concept; you’re at the drive up window and pay for your order…and also for the person in line behind you.  Many of you have probably even participated.

Well, a Starbucks store in St. Petersburg, Florida recently had a string of 457 “pay it forwards”…until it was ended by a local blogger.

Now, before we all barbeque this gentleman…you might consider his reason for ending the string of nice gestures.  “I just don’t want to be forced into doing something,” said Peter Schorsch, who is also a political consultant. “This is turning into a social phenomenon and I had to put an end to it.”

It should be noted that he gave the barista a $100 tip.