2 Girls, 1 Guy & 1 River

Breaking up is not easy, but now we have the story of one ex-girlfriend who just couldn’t let her love die. She jumped into a river to try to force her ex to save her. What she didn’t count on was that his current girlfriend would do the same, forcing him to choose between the two love-stricken ladies.

In the end, he chose to save his current girlfriend and called his brother to save the ex. Awww young love. Personally, I would’ve just pushed him into the river. Read the full story here.

This Day In History – March 19


The first bank robbery in America was reported. The City Bank of New York City lost $245,000 in the robbery.

Here’s the top 10 ranked bank robbery movies of all time:


Pluto was photographed for the first time.

However, it was not known at the time.


Nevada legalized gambling!


The Academy Awards were first televised

and then lastly…


Operation Iraqi Freedom is launched with air strikes on Baghdad

Essentially,this was the beginning of the war with Iraq 

 God Bless the lives that were given for this. 

-Tyler Jackson

Man Devours 7 McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes in Under 5 Minutes!

Competitive eater Matt “Megatoad” Stonie posted a video on YouTube of himself drinking seven large McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes in 4 minutes and 41 seconds.

That’s about 1¼ gallons and contains 5,740 calories and 805 grams of sugar. He added more whipped cream and maraschino cherries.

Stonie recently set the world record by eating 182 pieces of bacon in 5 minutes and last week ate 14.5 pounds of birthday cake.

The Great Toliet Paper Debate= Solved!

The debate over whether you hang your toilet paper “over” or “under” is one of those chicken-and-egg things that people will argue about until the end of time.

If you somehow don’t know about the debate, it’s based on the two possible ways you can hang toilet paper on a roll.In the “over” position, the paper hangs to the front.  In the “under” position, the paper hangs to the back.  People have been arguing FOREVER over which way is “right.”  But not anymore.A writer just dug up the original patent for the toilet paper roll from 1891.  It’s by an inventor named Seth Wheeler, and it actually ANSWERS THE QUESTION, once and for all.In the patent drawing, the roll is in the “over” position.  So THAT’S your definitive answer.


Read more here.


Ford Announces it’s Most Expensive Car Ever!

The Ford GT supercar will be the US automaker’s priciest vehicle ever when it goes on sale next year.Ford hasn’t announced the price but says it will be comparable to the Lamborghini Aventador which costs around $400,000.Ford revealed the 600-horsepower, carbon fiber GT at the Detroit auto show in January.The automaker plans to make 250 GTs per year after the car goes on sale in the second half of 2016.


Read more here!

This Day In History – March 17


Bishop Patrick died in Saul, Downpatrick, Ireland

Ireland, and the world, now celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! 


in New York City, the first St. Patrick’s Day parade took place. The parade was held by Irish soldiers serving in the British army.

Here’s what the modern day parades look like:


Scientists at the University of California at Berkeley announced that they had created a new radioactive element

Element 98 is called Californium 


The IRS announced they will begin to send more than 130 million economic stimulus payments in May and the Social security number will determine the date checks are sent.

I got mine!

and then lastly…

One year ago today! 

I found this little cat in West Manhattan:


One year later?

I’ve still got her!

dolly and me

Happy one year with me, Dolly 

-Tyler Jackson

Boyfriend Raises Money To Follow Girlfriend On Spring Break To “Keep Her From Cheating”

So there’s going out of your way to do something romantic for your significant other and then there’s just plain old stalking. A 25 year old Maryland guy was flat broke and concerned his girlfriend would cheat on him when she went to Miami for Spring Break. So, instead of you know, trusting her, he went to the crowd funding site gofundme.com to raise $300 for a plane ticket to follow her down there. He wasn’t concerned with other expenses because, ““I will be staying wherever she lays her head, eating whatever she eats, and overseeing all parties and fun activity.” AND PEOPLE DONATED!!

He actually surpassed his $300 goal. Read the full story here.