Soccer player scores…celebrates with selfie

With the US mens’ soccer team making a run in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, surviving the preliminaries only to be eliminated by Belgium, soccer fever had once again returned to America.

And let’s be honest…when you think “America”, you think baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and…the selfie.

So when KC Sporting’s Dom Dwyer drilled one in the goal yesterday, he immediately ran over to the sidelines, borrowed a cell phone, and took a selfie with some fans.

The referee was not amused, handing Dwyer a yellow card.  That’s a minor infraction for the uninitiated.  This was basically Terrell Owens with the Sharpie.

Sporting tied Chicago 1-1.

Garth’s big news?? We’ll find out Thursday.

Garth Brooks is an incredible entertainer, musician, and songwriter.  He also knows the value in creating excitement among country music fans.

So, when a cryptic message “the wait is over…7/7″ appeared on his official website last Thursday, the buzz began to circulate that he’d be announcing the world tour he hinted at last November.

Or…maybe not.  Today’s big announcement?  That there’ll be a “big announcement (complete with a live stream of the press conference)…on Thursday.

The long awaited tour announcement?  A new box set of CDs?  Maybe a brand new single?

Or, maybe he just saved a bunch of money on his car insurance.  Guess we’ll find out Thursday…maybe.

Bride + Groom + tornado

Your wedding day…and you want everything to be absolutely perfect.  The ceremony, the food, the cake, the decorations…it all has to be memorable.

Guessing this wasn’t what the young couple had in mind.  The newlyweds were being photographed walking hand in hand down a back country road, when Mother Nature decided a photobomb would be appropriate.  Said photographer Colleen Niska “Pretty sure this will happen only once in my lifetime”.

I’d say she’s probably right.

THIS is Going to be the Song of Summer 2014!

“Salsa Tequila” by Norwegian comedian Anders Nilsen, is a summer hit, at least in the Netherlands where it shot up to #1 on iTunes.
The song features a bunch of well-known Spanish words, including “Burrito, Gasolina, Dale!”The comedian told BuzzFeed “Salsa Tequila” was all about making a parody and the “ultimate summer song.”
Well, it worked, because we can’t get it our of our heads!!!




Cheerleader/Hunter’s Photos Taken Off of Facebook!


A Texas Tech cheerleader has been receiving death threats after photos of her with animals that she’s hunted and killed were posted on Facebook.19-year-old Kendall Jones posted pictures from a recent trip to Africa where she posed with dead lions, leopards and springboks.By the time she was 14, she had already bagged six of the most difficult and deadliest animals to hunt on foot — buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion, rhino, hippo and crocodile. Animal rights activists are up in arms and want her crucified, but Kendall says many of them are missing the point.She claims to be a conservationist who wants to educate more people via a reality hunting series for the Sportsman Channel that’s in the works.

 Many people have been offended by the photos, and have reported them to Facebook, who as of yesterday, took several of the “most offensive” photos down.  Read more here!


Happy 20th birthday, “Forrest Gump”

On July 5th, 1994…the Tom Hanks classic “Forrest Gump” was released to theaters across the country.  And in no time at all, phrases like “Run, Forrest Run”; “Life is like a box of chocolates”‘; and “Lieutenant Dan!” became part of our vocabularies.

Ever wonder how many of those plaid shirts Tom Hanks wore?  Or how many times Forrest says the line “Jenny”?  Well then, here you go…”Forrest Gump…by the numbers”

Brad Paisley to perform “Riverbank” on this week’s episode of “Rising Star”

Blake Shelton has taken the stage on “The Voice”, Keith Urban has performed on “American Idol”, and now Brad Paisley will perform on his new singing competition show “Rising Star”.  According to Brad’s official website, the singer will perform his latest single “Riverbank” on the ABC-TV show this Sunday night at 8pm (cst).

In other Brad news…the release date for his new CD “Moonshine In The Trunk” has been moved up a day; it’ll now hit stores on Monday August 25th.

Big announcement coming Monday from Garth Brooks

According to his official website…we’re about to find out something huge.  If you visit his website, you’ll see thunder and lightning flashing, along with a cryptic message that says “the wait is over…7/7″.  Could this be the world tour we’ve been waiting for since Garth officially ended his retirement last year?

In other Garth news, two of his five “warm up” shows in Dublin late this month have been scrapped due to permit issues…and the other three may also get cancelled.