The Riley County Board of Commissioners approved a request Monday to administer two surveys to collect staff and public feedback on a proposed schedule of four, ten-hour days per workweek for all departments.

Riley County Clerk Rich Vargo presented the survey request to commissioners and emphasized that the benefits of this change extend beyond an additional day off for employees. He said this new schedule would offer the same, if not better, level of services at no extra cost to taxpayers.

      Vargo 1

Commissioners voiced concerns about making this switch, but Vargo said he is only asking for the board to be open to change and to allow staff to gather enough information so they can make a decision that best supports their constituents.

      Vargo 2

Vargo also noted that some departments have previously implemented changes to the traditional workweek.

      Vargo 3

The board unanimously approved the survey request, noting the importance of receiving feedback from the community before any decisions are made.

Informational survey flyers will be available at the Riley County Office Building.