As developers continue to work on planning for residential areas around Oliver Brown Elementary School, some guidance was given to the Pottawatomie County Planning and Zoning staff about how some of that should continue.

County Planner Stephan Metzger indicated that a developer is trying to plan for how to design a subdivision east of where Junietta Road ends past Moody Road. Planning staff recommended against a Junietta Road extension to Lake Elbo Road in favor of more cost-effective routes to be prioritized instead. Metzger cited two viable reasons for not extending the road.

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While the road may not be necessary for future development, commissioners liked the idea of maintaining the right-of-way, especially since the developer would give it to the county. Commissioner Pat Weixelman…

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Commissioner Greg Riat had no problem with the staff recommendation but cautioned against getting stuck with requirements to build a road through a planned new subdivision in the area.

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Commissioner Dee McKee opposed, citing a need for more connectivity to neighboring students on the east side near Lake Elbo Road, who currently are bussed to Bluemont Elementary School.

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Weixelman says while plans are unclear how the area will develop, there are some strategies the county can look into to improve connectivity of those neighborhoods.

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Pottawatomie County will obtain the right-of-way at no cost from the developer, with the caveat that the county has no plans of building or maintaining a future road there.