Manhattan City Commissioners Tuesday were not supportive of a possible sales tax ballot question to support Parks and Recreation operations.

The idea was floated as a possible consideration to address years of flat revenues and declining program fees coming into the city department — and in response to public opposition this Summer to potential reductions in services later this year should revenues not manifest as budgeted. Deputy City Manager Jason Hilgers —

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Commissioners were largely cold to the idea. With Riley County’s new tax coming online in 2023 bringing Manahttan to a 9.15 sales tax rate, this additional tax would have pushed the city to a rate of 9.4 percent — with areas such as the Mall pushing past 10 percent, something Commissioner Wynn Butler wants to avoid.

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Commissioner Usha Reddi says she is reluctant to make such a move, though was open to considering presenting the public with a vote on a smaller tax rate.

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Speaking during public comment, Jim Morrison voiced opposition to raising the sales tax especially in light of the question’s wording.

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